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  • Thanks for the reply Rob. I saw that Maurice was doing a lot of profiles etc. I still need to learn a lot about bringing those in and setting up custom car stuff.

    But I am just trying to learn how to setup custom LED buttons on this M4 wheel so I can get in there and make it my own lol.

    I assume once there are more wheels released with LED button, like the Rally Module, there will be some good tutorials on YouTube etc. But right not most of them are vague, or old.

    Most of what I figured out so far is from Maurice's silent videos from the early release of the wheel.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    New FanaLab version 1.99.02 available

    Please continue the discussion in the new channel linked below, here some highlights of the changelog and a preview pic.

    • Significant visual improvements to the UI
    • More RGB LED colors
    • Option to flash FlagLEDs in specific interval
    • Option to have different RevLED thresholds per gear
    • F1 2023 support incl. recommended FFB settings
    • Bug fixes and much more

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