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    If James' announcement is correct, the issue of delayed shipping will eventually be resolved.

    However, he does not mention any issues with the APM bundle or other bundles that are turning into red squares.

    The lack of an official statement from Fanatec has caused customers to misunderstand and have unnecessary doubts.

    This is not an ideal situation for Fanatec or its customers.

    It is already too late, but they should have been honest and reported that there was a mistake in the bundle or that it is being investigated.

    It was clear that there was a problem with the ordering system.

    But what made the problem more serious, in my opinion, was the lack of information provided.

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    I placed my order (1797552) on November 18th. The order status has been completely shipped for several weeks with no tracking information posted yet. Can I please get an update.

  • I just received a text from fedex stating my shipment is FINALLY on it's way. My order time was Nov. 25th 1:19a Est

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    Just an update for my order from November 24, I just received a fedex notification that my order will deliver on December 9th. I’m in the U.S, did not receive a tracking number

  • I have a weird problem here , and of corse fanatec is ignoring me , the order that was placed on Black Friday was shipped, it was already at my local facility on nov 28, but FedEx never delivered it to me, after I called FedEx to check what’s the problem they told that they detected fraud activity from shipper side and they are sending my order back to sender, I’m keep sending emails to fanatec for over a week now and no response, idk what’s going on, customer service at fanatec is not weak it’s missing at all

  • Black Friday sneaks up on no one. I would also assume that the 60k orders is worldwide, not just in one place, and you use multiple DC's for this fulfillment. So basically, this is absolute nonsense to say this is because you have high order volume.

    More than likely you brought in product for Black Friday, you missed the deadline due to a delay in either production or shipping, decided you couldn't not get the sales for the holiday and would rather stick it to the community than be honest and not sell product you don't actually have.

    To make it even worse, by marking everyone's orders 'shipped', you stay within your terms and no cancelations will be given and you can charge peoples credit cards.

    As an additional bonus, you can start the warranty period on all products even though we don't have them, shortening that in your favor (I guess another win for you) and then ignore everyone for '2 weeks or more' replying to zero emails figuring by then what ever production/shipping issue you had is resolved and people will stop complaining.

    I have seen companies pull some low stunts like this during the holidays (I've worked in logistics for the past 30+ years), but never have I seen a company be this ridiculous. You literally should be ashamed.

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    I'm seeing all these posts talk about the 22-25 and I'm just here sitting and waiting for my order from the 27th 😂

    I'm at school and I sent it to my home address so someone there would be home to sign but idek when to tell them to expect it lol

  • Lol you’re 27th, waiting on 29th lol. Hopefully it comes quick for you and I!!

  • I'm still waiting on any update at all on my order for the 24th. fingers crossed i finally see some movement in Aus!

  • In USA is the fanatec package named ''master'' in the fedex app?

  • i think its not the package cause it says 0 expeceted and 0 total but when i search with reference number it says my shipments and it shows one that says master but it has no info but it has a delivery tracking thing

  • I have three orders that show they are “completely shipped” but still do not have any tracking numbers. Does domestic shipping in Japan take so long? 14 days have passed from 11.24 to 12.8 today…

  • My 8020 frame turns up today… do you think I’ll get this finished before my Fanatec order turns up?

    Ordered 5th Dec.

  • Hi Bestellung vom 24.11. . Keine Trackingnummer bis dato erhalten. Die Bestellungen davor und danach waren super schnell da. Verfügbar war ja alles. Ggf. besteht ja die Möglichkeit zu splitten?


    Vielen Dank und beste Grüße

  • Hello,

    I ordered on November 24th and the order has been in process for over 8 days. On November 28th the confirmation came that everything had been paid and you haven't heard anything anymore.

  • Order 24, completely shipped since 25. Today is business day 10. Let's see.

  • Order 22.11

    Nothing !!!!!!!!!

  • I won't hold my breath. My order has been sat as label created for the last 4 days with no change. And the fact you have added the Serial Numbers to my account for goods I haven't even received is wrong, as you have activated my warranty from the 27th November. I will be sending an email to you once I finally receive my order to sort this out.

    Seems myself and a lot of others have the exact same issue's and poor experiences.

  • Two orders placed on the same day on November 25th. I received one of these ,It’s “Button Caps and Sticker Set” ,So ridiculous ⋯

    Come on fanatec ,please tell me when my Wheel will be send?

  • Order1793XXX

    ordered on 17. November. Completely shipped since 27th November.

    still no Tracking number or serial numbers :-(

  • Thank you for the update.

    I ordered on 23rd November totally unware of any of these issues. The items were in stock and 4-7 days on the heading. I noticed a email to say it will be up to 10 days from 'fully shipped status' but I am over these times. I received a tracking number on 5th December but the items are still in the warehouse. These items are for my sons (who is 10) xmas present. It is the only present he is getting as they are obviously very expensive. This is causing me sleepless nights that my son will wake up with nothing on Christmas day. Please can you arrange the UPS collection ASAP and an update would be great as even when the parcels leave we will still have UK custom to deal with... Please, Please. I am not just someone who that wants to game. If there is any way to pay for express or something? I have tried to email directly but without any response. Mary Hodges - so you can track an order possibly....

  • stop with all the excuses... yall shipped me a broken wheel base 2 months ago and still havent been able to get me a replacement yet. its not that ur backed up beacuse its been a ongoing thing for months now. if u need more employees then hire more with the money u made from the 60k orders that came in. its like yall are a bunch of 7yr olds with how many excuses u make up

  • I was talking about business systems. It's true that they are building a brand new building - but new bricks don't change how a business runs. The meaningful changes will come, if they do indeed come, from changes to modes of operation. The new building is costing them EURO 35m, most of that borrowed from banks. Putting a poorly run operation in a new home gives you exactly that!

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    Still waiting for my order 1837896 (24.11.23)

    Still No tracking number 🤔

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    I know its frustrating when you already place the order but don't know the status of your orders.

    it same with me, because first time when i bought CSL DD, it just need 4 days from the start ordering to product arrived, but because blackfriday.. it need around 11days to arrived.

    11/27 order, 12/06 arrived. JAPAN

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    The email regarding 2.5x issues is insulting.

    Most of us did add APM to 2.5x because the site was suggesting it, and they call that bad faith.

    Whether you ordered just the bugged items or an entire setup, it looks like they don't care at all.

    On top of that, i'm still waiting for my money back, and if you can't offer more than 10% on a wheel to the guys who tried to buy way more than just a wheel, you can put it where i think, someone else will get my money.

  • What about orders from 17.11.2023? Still no tracking-Nr

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