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  • Ok, maybe not everyone does a deep research before buying. And you shouldn't have to. So in your case I understand your frustration. But for sure there are people who knew and still keep bombarding with negative comments.

    I knwe for 100% all the delivery issues and accepted it anyways. What the community is creating now is an overload of support requests about this issue, which causes other issues to also disappear in it.

    I really hope that everyone get's their stuff ASAP.

    @ Fanatec: now that QR2 and CS DD r&d is done, time to invest in catching up on those deliveries and assuring that this won't happen again :p

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    trying to be optimistic since there where no reports for delay like with the launch of clubsport dd

  • Dear fanatec.

    You cancelled my order from the 23th of november. 

    During the Black Friday event, due to an exceptionally high volume of traffic on our website, we encountered issues with several orders. These included discrepancies between the invoiced amounts and the advertised Black Friday prices. A technical glitch in our online shop led to unintended discounts, resulting in incorrect pricing during the ordering process.

    It is crucial to emphasize that we had no intention of concluding a purchase agreement at the mistakenly indicated price. At the time of your purchase, the declaration error was unknown to us, and the automation of our online purchase process allowed your order to proceed. Had we been aware of this error, we would have declined your offer immediately.

    Furthermore, we would like to point out that consciously exploiting a pricing error goes against good faith. In light of this, no valid purchase agreement has been established between you and the Endor AG for the aforementioned order.

    So basicly you got 2 weeks my money and don't give me the option too buy the wheel for the black friday price. I get a 10% discount on a wheel what cost €350,- 

    Black friday price is 199.99 

    You want too point something out about good faith.

    Holding someone's money for over 2 weeks and don't give the customer a good offer to buy it for the black friday price is good? 

    If you can cancel that order please cancel also these orders:





    When can i count on when i got my money back from 23th/24th nov?

    Greets albert

  • I ordered on 11/22 and my status is still "The order is in process"...

    When I ordered, the QR2 Wheel-Side was available. Then, it changes to preorder December 15th, then preorder January 5th and finally preorder January 3rd...

    I hope the case-by-case on my order will arrive soon...

    Have a great day everybody

  • Hi

    I got cancellation message too, but if Fanatec / Endor think that they can get rid of this problem like this in EU region and doesn´t make better offer, they are wrong. I've just been waiting to see what they do and if this is the solution, I will contact ECC directly and I hope that others will do the same after that mayby class-action lawsuit. Because this is like Fraud. You take somebody´s money for more than two weeks with no information or intention of giving them what they bought. For example Fanatec / Endor could have invested the money in between and made an absurd margin with the customers' money.

    If Fanatec / Endor had even made a group message that there was pricing error with some products instantly this might be ok but not now.

    Still hoping for some reasonable couter offer not some 10% off from steering wheel, but if this is the case how they handle things I'll have to return the elite pedals that I already got (ordered 18.11 and received 27.11). and cancel all other orders combined over 2000€ and get my simgear from elsewhere.

  • you are not right.

    Is there is a price glitch in EU the Seller of the products can contest the contract within 2 weeks!

  • Guten Tag, kurze Frage wieso haben Leute die vor mir bestellt habe schon die Sachen und ich nicht? Ich habe am 24.11 um. 13

    20 bestellt 182.... Und bis jetzt nix war nicht mal irgend ein Angebot alles normal preis nach welchem System packt ihr die Bestellungen? Weil scheinbar muss man das ja hier im Blog öffentlich klären da man auf ne Email auch über zwei Wochen warten muss.

    Nennt sich euer Pack System chaotisch Pack System so wie wir lustig sind? Also als Lagerhaltung mir bekannt aber Verstehe das hier nicht das man als Kunde nicht mal ne info Mail kriegt nein man muss selber als Kunde in einem Forum rum suchen um Infos zu bekommen und dann liest man das leute die nach einem bestellt haben heute die Ware erhalten haben und ich hab nicht mal Infos erhalten wieso und warum und vor allem wann

  • Look at the ups site with your orderid for your order. Mine is at ups since 3 days with no tracking id and will be here at 13. 12.

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    That doesnt work for me. ID is unknown :( "Shipped" since 28. November

  • Order 24th November.

    Label created 1st December.

    Now 8th December .

    Doesn't appear orders from the 24th have shipped as was stated a few days ago.

    What is going on?

  • I am in the same boat, ordered 25th November and a label was created 1st December, it has just sat there for 5 days. When does the 10 day delay start from?

  • Im not totally sure for EU but in Finland (EU country) the price differense have to be so big that customer should now there is bug. For example in my case the orders total discount is about 20% and in bf time i think that is normal discount.

  • I placed my order November 15th and is STILL "In Progress". In full disclosure it had the table clamp which was "pre-order". Checking the website today, and the table clamp is "in stock". Initial request to Customer Service said it shipped. Follow up requests to Customer Service are unanswered. As a 1st time customer to Fanatec, and one that was directed to your company, this level of non-service is reprehensible. I believe you all want me to cancel my order and order from Moza since there is no desire by Fanatec to fulfil my order

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    So day 10 nearly over still no tracking and per reference on UPS as well. Never had such a bad experience. Hotline is closed. Via mail u dont get an answer.

    Seems like BF is not the only Problem if i look up Trustpilot

  • Hello, 

    Any news for F1 2023 wheel buyers from 20/11?

    Still "order in progress" for me ... no other items in the order.

  • Hey,

    I ordered it on 22/11 but also no progress on my side... Status is blocked on "Order in progress" since 22/11...

  • Ich bin in deine gleiche Situation 24 November bestellt , 29 komplett versendet , und bis jetzt noch keine sendungsnummer , gar nicht , ich habe diese v3 Pedals bestellt.


    im in the same situation , 24 November made the order on 29 fully shipped and until today no tracking number and nothing else.

    I ordered the v3 pedals

  • Yes today is the 10th day , then now is over , why are they saying “all the orders from 24 are still being shipped and now we will start with 25-26 “ , that’s a lie ,

  • order on November 17th it says teh shipment completed but I have no tracking number or my items, really bad experience and poor customer support. Hiding behind the wall will not help them to recover their reputation, more and more people are already looking to another companies like Moza.

  • Hello,

    My order is from 24 Nov 2023 13:59:00

    It s marked "Completely shipped" since 29 Nov

    It s possible to have the tracking number from UPS ?

    Best Regards .

  • Everyone here worried about Black Friday orders, I'm STILL waiting on my order from OCTOBER 15th with no tracking showing completely shipped.

  • I ordered on 24.11. (at 23:12 approx).

    Only Formula V2.5X plus Stickers (so no Bundle discount problem here). Order is "shiping complete" since 27.11. (?) but since then nothing hapened.

    No Tracking No, Search with OrderNo on ups-site results in no match.

    So Fanatec: You stated, that all Orders from 24.11. are shipped/exported ..... but there is no sign, my order was shipped.

    What is the problem?

    And another Word about the "bad faith" thing with the bundled APM: I was given the option on checkout, too (but didn't order the APM). So I cannot see, that any customer, who ordered the "bundle" was trying to fool you.

    How should anybody know this was unintended, when the shop really pushed you to take the APM for another discount? In my opinion, that is fanatecs problem and fanatec should at least give everybody who ordered the APM in this combination the opportunity to just take it out of the order and process the rest of the order with the intended BF prices! But it seems you rather have a big shit storm and loose many customers, then get your sh*t done.

    Really disapointing!

  • for those who received the email stating their order is null/void, when will we receive refunds?

  • Where did you get that from? Their Terms & Conditions are pretty clear, once they provide the invoice and confirm the order is soon to be shipped, that's a legally binding contract that the order is to be fulfilled.

  • a few years ago there was a similar scenario with a company called "Inatek" There was a price glitch on Amazon. so you could order seperate USB PCi Cards etc. for 1€.

    They could contest the contract. But they wrote a letter and sent it via post to each customer.

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    Don't forget there was the huge discount on the New QR2 base side , 29€95 instead of 149€95 (80% off), so , how can someone know the 2.5x+APM discount was abnormal?

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