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    what about clubsport dd+ preorders? Are they also affected or can we expect delivery from next week on?

  • I received the email shown in the image regarding my bundle order of F1 V2.5X+APM.

    It says they will give me a 10% coupon as an apology, but even if I apply the coupon, the V2.5X will not be the Black Friday price.

    Isn't this a one-sided deal breaker against the buyer?

    The opportunity loss is too great.

    You should offer the buyer a changed contract at the intended advertised price.

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    Hello everyone in EU, who have got an email about cancelling their order for which they sent even automated email and took the money. You can contact European Union organisation that is protecting consumers as this is not acceptable and provided solution is not comparable to value of items that were ordered and paid.

    You can find organisation in you country that will help you with your rights as an consumer completely free in the link :

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    I spent almost 2000 euros. to order, most of which do not contain Black Friday products and they suggest that I deliberately deceived them. They don't even offer to pay the normal price without a discount, I would gladly do it because I just wanted to buy everything.

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    Despite our best efforts, a small number of the items on our website may be mispriced. If a product's correct price is higher than the price on the website, Endor AG may either contact you before dispatch to ask whether you want to buy the product at the correct price or cancel your order. IF a product's correct price is lower than our stated price, you will be charged the lower amount.

    The above are the terms and conditions displayed when ordering a product.

    According to the terms and conditions, Fanatec must not cancel orders with incorrect pricing, but must offer to purchase at the corrected price.

    10% discount is a ridiculous offer.

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    Please, If there is anyone from Fanatec reading this, you have time to rectify it.

    Let us pay the right price, many of us have not gone to grab the bargain, but if we didn't buy it we would run out of stock.

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  • hello James you say that the orders from 24/11 are exported but my order number 1830670 from 24/11 is still not shipped I don't have a UPS tracking number

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    Sorry, it was done by mistake, it's impossible to remove the quote from your phone

  • Rip

    At this point I'm waiting for the DD+ bundle plus F1 wheel, it makes no sense to take them separately and have to pay more.

    Luckily I reordered all the discounted stuff available on the 27th.

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    It seems they did the worst move. Automatic cancellation mail for everyone that had this bundle? Even violating some of your terms and conditions without contact them before? And after weeks without any news and don't let them buy again on BF offers?

    Good luck receiving massive mails again or being in news or courts by some of your clients. I think that everyone wants to arrange friendly but you don't letting it easy.

    For the rest of us, their response time seems to be increase again....

  • Still waiting my order from 24/11 in France.

    The bundle offer for the Formula Wheel 2.5X was clearly announced on the homepage of the website (199.95€ and an 69.95€ extra bundle discount with a CSL DD in my case). 

    Can't believe that they will cancel it.

  • They wont...

    They cancel orders with V2.5X and APM.

    There was a price glitch

  • U guys think my order is at risk as well?

  • No, all the orders under threat have received an e-mail. You didn't receive one? so you're not threatened.

  • Thank you very much for your reply. Can't understand why they don't ship my order.

    This company is a nightmare. 60 000 orders, for Amazon, it's like 6 minutes of activity.

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    You compare Fanatec with Amazon? What`s wrong with you? :D

    Fanatec has less than 200 employees

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    Yesterday at 7pm I received the text message announcing the delivery. Today at 10:30 was delivered by UPS. Unfortunately the box of the GTDD Pro was not treated well. 

    The contents do not look broken. Unfortunately I can't test it today.

    All other boxes are fine.

    The order is from 11/24 aud Germany. So the delivery was exactly in the 10 days that were communicated.

    Edit says, no tracking mail and no tracking information in the fanatec backend

  • You know, there is a Shipped by Amazon program , every company can use it to ship their products with Amazon. And they dont make mistakes with the prices.

    When a company declares itself a leader in sim racing, when in reality it's just a logistical joke, we could laugh about it, but sometimes it's better to call on real professionals.

  • Is APM the Advanced Peadl Module?

  • I may never again see such a foolish response in my life.

    Isn't it a crime to leave an incorrect bundle and not answer inquiries?

    Customers are missing out on a Black Friday opportunity and receiving a ridiculous offer to receive a mere 10% off coupon.

    They should have offered to pay the difference to buy the APM at the regular price or cancel the APM only.

    It's as if this ridiculous email is hoping the customer will never come back to shop with them again!

  • i ask refund 3 days ago, so if they cancel my order 2.5x they just do me a favor...

    60k orders and no one answers emails, got wrong prices on BF and unilateral close the contract, lying when saying they got all 24 nov orders, delay on delivery giving blame to shipping companies (never your fault right?).

    and this should be the leader company for simracing?

    you should ask for refund all togheter and see what happens instead of posting your number order hoping for an answer

    lol what a joke

  • Fanatec gets your shit together, I just received a very disturbing email that was accusing me of not showing good faith, are you f kidding me? People are waiting for months for products to be delivered, and you always take money upfront, but we are the ones not showing goodwill? I bought a CSL DD full price and it's not working as intended but I cannot reach you to solve the issue, not even two weeks, and I'm the one not showing good faith?

    Needless to say, your Terms & Conditions clearly state that when an invoice is emitted it serves as a contractual agreement to provide the items as sold on the website. More than that, the email states nothing about my money, which you already have. Give me my money back or I will initiate legal action, I'm pretty sure there are hundreds of people who will agree to go on with a collective complaint to the European Comission of Commerce

    Give my money back, ASAP, and f off!

  • Order 1848XXX of November 25th, arrived in a week, I live in Italy. A normal Fanatec experience.

    However, the label on my package was incomplete, and I received it thanks to the goodwill of the courier who called me. Furthermore, Fanatec's new logistics partner does not send your email contact to UPS, or Fedex, so I have not received any communication from UPS.

    Truncated address, incomplete for too many characters (back to the 90s?), lack of email, I think delivery companies can send parcels back if they don't have the goodwill, or the time, to solve the problems themselves.

    Guys, most shipments arrive on time. Who have problems are many peoples, but still few compared to the total.

    It's always the same problem with Fanatec. It's a very undersized company. They are unable to solve problems quickly and competently. Great products, relatively cheap compared to the competition, hopefully looks perfect. This is why they are successful, most customers have no problems and will never need customer service. Customer service has a cost, which affects the final sales price. Few employees means poor customer service, but also being able to keep prices lower than the main competitors, and this is the reason for Fanatec's success. Only if things go wrong will you realize how bad the service is.

  • All these people ordering from Fanatec have without a doubt done extensive research about the product and the brand. They admit it themselves that shipment is behind and the whole internet is warning about this issue. Yet you decide to buy Fanatec. Stop flooding the support people about delivery dates. Have patience fellow pilots.

    And Fanatec, raising the price of the CS DD was a foul move. I'm not affected but I can feal the pain of your future clients. You should've given a headsup so that potential buyers would have a timeframe to purchase it before the increase in price.

    Inform your clients via various socical media and your website not only when there will be a price drop, but also when there will be a price increase. You would've gained maximum respect points instead of a deduction.

    So everyone, keep calm, focused and may the apex be with you!

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    I think they say all orders from 24/11 are exported which means that they are transferred to the warehouse for shipment within 10 days

  • No, this is my first order, all products were in stock, the website is really clear about the terms: Ships within 4-7 days, Express Shopping, Overview of your orders incl. shipping information, We're shipping with UPS, etc. I have watched many sim racing videos and no one warns you. We cannot know that this company is a disaster.

  • Das gleiche Problem wie die meisten hier. Am 24.11. bestellt. Am 29.11 kam eine Mail das es BIS ZU 5 Werktage dauert. Keine tracking Nummer nichts. Heute 08.12 immer noch nichts da, weder Trackin ID noch die Ware. Sollte bis Montag nichts ankommen werde ich mich an Paypal und den Käuferschutz wenden. Eigentlich bin ich ja nicht so aber wenn der Kunde keine Infos oder sonst was bekommt, bleibt mir nichts anderes übrig.


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    They told us via Blog entry that they need up to 10 Days. So you are still in time!

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