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  • hi just received my F1 2021 wheel and the rev leds sometimes stop working all drivers are upto date Fanalab V1.54.5 "use wheel shift LED is unchecked"

    my FlagLEDS work perfectly fine

    any ideas ???

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    same here on iracing:rev leds turn to fixed white,,,

  • Can you please tell me the exact version of Windows?

    Type WIN+R

    In the window opening type winver.exe, hit enter:

    Then make a screenshot of the winver window and post it here please.

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    so how did you go about doing that? I am having similar issue. I think it is due to me installing AC on a different drive than steam.

    Edit: I figure out what to do to get it to find AC. Now when I try to enable fanalabs game led/hardware support, it gives me a manifest file not found. Any idea?

  • We already know that the behavior that Fanalab stops finding games that are not installed in C:\ is independent of the Windows version.

    To be precise: We know the cause, we will provide a fix. Don't ask when!

    What drives me a little crazy is why is this happening now and not to all users?

    Those who have this problem, I would like to ask you to tell us when was the last time you installed Steam?

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    I just started having the not detecting games issue. Was all working fine for a long time. Latest official drivers, fanalab. Devices are detected no problem. Is it suggested I reinstall steam? I only tried reinstalling fanalab.

    How to help? What is relevant?

  • I have checked my steam installation, and if you right-click on a game in the library, select 'properties' and 'updates', you'll see an "App. ID". Make note of that number.

    Now navigate to your Fanalab install, probably

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Fanatec\FanaLab\Control\xml

    and open "configuration.xml" with a text editor. Scroll down and there should be a section with your game (check the App ID number and name of EXE file).

  • I’ve reinstalled steam. Did not help. The only game that’s detected is ACC which is on my c:drive with steam. I’ve checked the APP. ID of the other games and they match with steamLaunch id from fanalab cfg.

  • Hi Marco, I had a similar issue I ended up having to manually set the Exe for each game and it all worked again, it wouldnt see the games via Steam.

    Hope this helps


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    Having this same issue as above, games are not detected. It's a brand new pc and everything freshly installed, windows, steam, etc, the only thing carried over is the E drive which has the games AC & ACC on it and they are recognised/installed correctly by steam/os. I've tried a few things but not yet an older version of fanalab. I also get the "manifest file not found" when trying to activate fanalab leds

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    Is there an update for F1 2021?

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    Not yet but a workaround to get it working with current Fanalab already.

    1. Close FanaLab
    2. Go to file directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Fanatec\FanaLab\Control\xml and open the Configuration.xml file with Notepad or Editor (Start as Administrator required!)
    3. Look for Game title F1 2020 and change the exes to this: <exe>F1_2021_dx12.exe</exe> (note there is no non-dx12 exe this year anymore so this is the only one which needs to be changed)
    4. change the steamLaunch parameters to this: <steamlaunch id="1134570" isSteamInstalled="True">steam://rungameid/1134570</steamlaunch>
    5. Open FanaLab, go to Game Profile Tab, click on the green button "Enable Telemetry" and set UDP Port
    6. Open F1 2021, go to Telemetry settings and set the settings like this:
    • Fanatec LED: OFF
    • UDP-Telemetry: ON
    • UDP-Broadcast Mode: OFF
    • UDP-IP-Adress: default
    • UDP-Port: What you set in FanaLab (Default 20777, I use 20888)
    • UDP-Send-Rate: 60Hz
    • UDP-Format: 2020 (important!)
  • Very helpful, thank you kindly, Maurice.

  • Maurice,

    Fanaleds do indeed work. While the FFB isnt perfect like ypur profiles, its functional.

  • Hi Chris,

    I'm also having this issue. Could you explain how to "manually select the exe for each game" please?



  • is there any reason why i got to keep uninstalling fanalab and reinstalling fanalab to pick up my set up? DD2 clubsport formula v2 and my v3 pedals.... kinda getting sick of it now..

  • what do you mean with "to pick up my set up"?! A bit more detail would help to understand as I have no clue what your issue is...?

  • I have a feeling he means “detect”.

    If I understood it correctly, it looks like fanalab stops detecting his plugged in hardware until after a fresh install.

  • Yes it's an issue of his PC, he opened a separate thread in the Forum.

  • Is there a way to change the default for the LEDs to percentage instead of raw values. I have to change it every time I boot up my computer now.

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    Only way would be to make a profile for your game with %, set it as games default profile and then that profile gets loaded automatically when you start the game.

    But the default without loading a profile will be RPM from noe on as it's the much better option.

  • Anyone know how long it usually takes for them to update fanalab

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    Well... Nobody knows, in the past updates came in every few months, hotfixes after a few days or weeks.

    Last version is from December 2020 and next version most likely wont be out before the CSL DD release in September would be my best bet... Development this year is extremely slow unfortunately.

    However, luckily there are no real big major issues in 1.54.5 so that version is fine in the meantime.

  • When is an update coming which will add F1 2021?

  • Thats what I mean, surely they have to hot fix it for F1 2021..... Can anyone from fanatec confirm?

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    Support for new games Doesnt require a hotfix. Hotfixes are there to actually fix Major issues.

    There is a working workaround to get F1 2021 working already with 1.54.5 so nothing which would justify a hotfix release on it's own and this is working even better than a native 2021 implementation because when you have a look in the Codemasters Forums there seems to be a Bug in the 2021 Telemetry of the game which would trigger LEDs and Display everytime you are in the Menus. This is something Codemasters has to fix. So dont expect a full F1 2021 implementation into Fanalab until Codemasters fixed that issue because until then the workaround is the actually better solution anyway.

  • Codemasters needs to revamp their engine.

  • The workaround isn't better at all. When I use fanalab it prevents simhub from running as that is running F1 2021. It seems to conflict with it so I'm left with either running fanalabs or running simhub for my transducers and 2nd stats screen but not both. If simhub can update to a new game from day 1 why can't a massive company like fanatec be game ready from day 1?

  • Native implementation would not change the issue that SimHub has issues with Fanalab. That's the case since forever. I dont have or use SimHub but AFAIK you just need to enable Port Forwarding in SimHub and then it's working fine, also with the workaround.

    And trust me, the current workaround IS better than a full native F1 2021 implementation until Codemasters fixes their issue with the 2021 Telemetry.

  • I have port fowarding set on simhub. It was all working fine until I used the workaround on fanalab. Now when I use them together for F1 2021 one or the other ends up crashing mid game

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