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  • Hello Maurice

    New to this forum and just discovered your fanalab profiles. They are awesome. I currently own a dd1 f1 podium and want to ask you if it is safe to enable ITM on your profiles with current versions? I read somewhere that in past drivers it creates a few issues like jolts on the wheel base. Is that issue fixed with new drivers and fanalab versions.

    Also worth mentioning that as per notes on your profiles it states to multiply ffb values by 1.25 if you are using a dd1 base. But I find out that after 1.9 acc ffb is too strong. It gives me around 15 nm peak force on eau rouge for example with the gt3 amg 2020. Acc ingame gain is 60 as recomended. Soo I guess after 1.9 we dd1 users can load the profiles as they are at the moment and don't need to to increase ffb on wheel base by 1.25 at least for me feels good 👍🏻. Thanks for you hard work Maurice.

  • ITM can be ujsed since a year, yes. The jolt issues on ITM screens were fixed since driver 442.

  • Hi

    I see this was an issue a few months back with multiclass but I am still having it on driver 450/Fanalab 169.7, with Iracing.

    When loading an online GT4 session it is not loading the associated car profile - it is loading a different GT4 car - I cant tell what the logic is but at present it defaults to the Aston. I have unbound/rebound all the GT4 cars several times but it is still not loading correct car profile.

    Is this a known issue still or am I missing something else? I only just started using the auto car function and dont drive GT3's so have only just noticed it.


    I am on 169.7 with latest drivers.

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    This is really weird. You are the only one who still has issues with CDALP in iRacing... Nobody else here has reported any issues and nobody else internally has any issues anymore with CDALP so for now it seems that something is borked on your PC.

    What you can try:

    - Close Fanalab!

    - Then make a copy of the current XML folder in "*AppData\Local\Fanatec\FanaLab*" and then delete every file in the xml folder. 

    - Then start Fanalab again and try again if CDALP now loads the correct cars. Obviously you first need to bind all the profiles to the respective cars again - do not copy/paste anything from any previous xml file but really start from scratch!

  • Been using CSL DD since launch on a 911 GT3 R Wheel and up until recently it hasn't really bothered me the fixed profiles that the ITM menu offers, but now that i get more into endurance a lot of the different variable combinations on those premade profiles for the OLED screen seem really useless; Will we be able to change this at any point? A grid layout to swap the OLED info would be really useful.

  • Hey Maurice! How you doing? :)

    I rarely post anything but read some of this stuff you guys working so hard on! Thanks so much for that! :)

    so this is a weird thing, the fanalab window can't be resized enough to see the save profile button at the bottom... lol ... tried a few things and even deleted the reg key to resize windows to reset that but that didn't work either lol

    Not a huge problem for me so you dont have to rush Maurice! :) Just figured you know what i'm not trying here lol!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work on all this fun stuff we all having fun with!!! lol :)

    Freddy :)

  • Gary SGary S Member

    I notice the McLaren Evo in ACC is not in the auto-load car list in fanalab. Can this be added?

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    In the next FanaLab version, sure.

    Same for new cars in R3E, AMS2 and iRacing.

  • Gary SGary S Member

    Thanks, that is great to hear.

    When is the next version planned for release?

  • no ETA yet.

    We target somehwere around F1 23 launch but a LOT is changed for the new version, so it might slip into July.

  • Are there new profiles for iRacing out yet?

  • Not yet, no.

    There will be new profiles for the 3 new iRacing cars, sure. However, only when a new FanaLab version is released because, even though the profiles are already done and ready, they are not compatible with the current public FanaLab version because a LOT has changed in the new upcoming FanaLab version which wont allow newly created profiles to be backwards compatible with older versions.

  • hi will you create a new profile for the porsche 911 gt3 R (992) anytime soon on iracing ?

  • Please read the answer directly above your question ;)

  • just did hehehe, thanks! FYI your profiles are the best thing that i ever found! so over the moon with them. thank you

  • Gary SGary S Member

    Thanks for the answer. That is good to hear. And thank you for all the work that you do on the profiles...really adds to the sim racing experience across the various titles. Thank you and I appreciate what you do.

  • Hi ,

    I really appreciate you work.

    I drive F3 in iRacing. With your setup I 'm feeling under and oversteer much much better. And I feel to drive more realistically.

    I use DD1 so I have to change from 60 to 75 the FFB parameter.

    After season 3 update iRacing changed something in their FFB. I felt different feeling and I tried this:

    in the app.ini there are two new parameters that I set trying to restore old behaviour



    something changed but it didn't restore fully old feelings.

    I wish to know if someone else felt the same thing and if there are other staff that I can try to do.


  • Hii

    When comes out the supporter for F1 23?

  • Hi Maurice, hope you're fine...

    Please send a message to Fanatec managers...

    I won't say it's unacceptable, but I will say that not having SW ready for first day for a title like F1 or when the time comes AC2 or somethibg similar, gives a bad picture to a company like Fanatec, you have access to beta version of the game probably even alpha, so you (Fanatec not you Maurice) had the time to be ready for first day, I don't understand how this happens nowadays.

    Honestly for me, it doesn't matter, in fact it helps me to wait a bit before buying, and as usual in a month or so, we can find really good discounts on the game, so for me it's a help, but nevertheless, I don't think the Fanatec image is good when you don't have SW ready for first day, even worse when it's expected around July...

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    Hi Hugo.

    Actually no, the devs did not had early access to beta or even alpha versions but only could start to implement the game into FanaLab yesterday with the Early Access launch of the Champions Edition! I actually have access since today and already finished the CarsList for CDALP. Turns out this year there are some changes made to how the game loads cars online which needs to be investigated by the dev but this takes a bit more time. Also someone (who also only has access since now) also needs to do the recommended settings which is nearly impossible to do in a few days with all the bases to test.

    We maybe could release a version in time for the release on Friday, but this release would only be possible on an old FanaLab code which would not bring any fixes or other new features and improvements and maybe without the change for the multiplayer car loading and for sure without recommended settings. So just bare F1 23 support so the game "works".

    In the meantime however, there were also massive changes made to FanaLab (both under the hood and visible) with a lot of amazing new features. But this new code just wont be ready in time for F1 23 release but takes a few weeks more time.

    Seems we cant make it right, if we would release a 1.69.X version with just bare F1 23 support, people would complain why no fixes or new features were developed since the last release in December last year. But if we wait until the code with the new features and fixes, which we worked on during the last months, is ready, people would complain that its unacceptable to not have a version ready for F1 23 launch.

    So what do you think is the better way? Release a version with just bare F1 23 support and no other fixes and improvements or wait a few weeks more to release a new version with amazing new features?! Honest question which really interests me how the customers think about this as this was exactly something we discussed yesterday. Imho the extra time of a few more weeks is worth the wait. I mean, it's not that the game does not work with Fanatec products even without FanaLab support. It works, even with LEDs and Display through native game support. FanaLab is "just" optional for an enhanced experience regarding LEDs and profile loading but the general functionality in the game is also fully given without Lab support on Day1...

  • Like I said, for me no big deal since it helps me waiting for a discount on the game, again, for me, I prefer always a bit more time and get more things and working ok and not in beta or sometimes almost like alpha phase...

    I assumed you (Fanatec) had access to early versions in order to be ready for day 1, and again I'm assuming this fault is on Fanatec side since I don't believe game devs would deny this but correct me if I'm wrong, cause for the matter even SimHub that for what I can understand is developed only by one guy already has support implemented for F1 23.

    My comment wasn't on a negative way by no means, and like I said for me personal, it's totally fine, but the way the world spins nowadays, nobody wants to wait for anything, and I know this will be a big deal for a lot of people, so my comment was meant to be in a positive way, cause I honestly believe that this could have been done if Fanatec asked for early access, but like I said maybe I'm wrong and in that case correct me, but seeing the job of the moment (YouTubers), having access since at least 2 weeks ago I can't believe Fanatec couldn't get access to it...

  • Englisch: Hello everyone, I have a question. Is it possible to change the different setups on the DD1 and DD2 names, i.e. not Setup 1- setup 5 but to other names ? Why is this not possible?Deutsch: Hallo zusammen, ich hab eine Frage. Gibt es die Möglichkeit die verschiedenen setups auf der DD1 und DD2 namen zuändern also nicht Setup 1- setup 5 sondern in andere Namen ? Warum ist sowas nicht möglich ?

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    No, that is not possible on a hardware level, however as you post this in the FanaLab thread the Setup 1-5 are redundant anyway as you can save hundreds of profiles in FanaLab with whatever Name you want.

    For example I have nearly 400 profiles, all saved in a FanaLab profile with a specific Name for the car, but all saved in hardware Setup 1.

  • and how can i do that so a name

  • Go to the Game Profile Tab and enter a Name at the bottom and click save, then the profile will be saved with the given Name.

    I would suggest you to watch some tutorial videos.

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    Is there are a new version of the FanaLab manual than this one from 2019?

    I've watched all the videos I can find but still lack some basic understanding of how the program works. Such as when you launch a program in "Main" how does it know which Game Profile to use?

  • Hi Maurice,

    I fully understand that Fanalab could not be ready at the same time as F1 23 is released.

    An intermediate solution would be to detect F1_23.exe with F1_22 fanalab profile and send the UDP packages in 2022 format.

    I've done this in the past but now I can't find the xml-file that must be adapted accordingly.

    Could you please tell me where to find this xml-file now?

    Thanks in advance!!

  • The file you are talking about is the Configuration.xml file which can be found in the FanaLab installation folder and there in the "xml" subfolder.

    You woul need to change the entry of F1 22 to this:

    <Game majorId="4" minorId="8" isSupported="True">

      <title>F1 22</title>



      <steamlaunch id="2108330">steam://rungameid/2108330</steamlaunch>

    In game you would need to set UDP format to 2022 and then it actually should work until the next FanaLab version is ready with native support.

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